Case Fortum: Modern work adoption and M365 training program in an international corporation

Organizations spend vast sums of money on a yearly basis on licenses – especially large corporations. But are they making sure that they are maximizing the returns on that investment? By providing common guidelines for collaboration practices and coaching users how to effectively use M365 tools we can ensure that we get the most out of our investment. At Fortum we did exactly that! 

We all know what the necessary building blocks are for a successful adoption of modern ways of working: Playbook for common collaboration practices, setting up a Champions network to provide grassroots support and coaching end-users to understand the benefits of modern ways of workingBut what actually works in practice and why? We want to share our experiences after one year of adoption activities.  

Come and listen to what we learned from leading this process and what we would want to do differently. We will also present our plans for the future – after all, this is an ongoing process.  

Hosts: Vadim Dich, Fortum & Otso Kasanen, Sulava.

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